Cyclists Safety Tips And Injury Prevention: Riding Smart, Staying Healthy

Cyclists Safety Tips And Injury Prevention: Riding Smart, Staying Healthy

People are turning into cyclists for many reasons; this number increased during the Corona lockdown. During the lockdown, cycling was one of the best exercises to be fit, healthy, and get out without worrying about anything. Outdoor cycling is impressive, and summers are beginning, which means cycling season is here. So, if you have a bicycle, whether it is for an adult, senior, or kid, you should work on being smart and healthy while riding a bicycle. In this blog, we will cover every cyclists Safety Tips out there for all age groups to ensure it prevents their energy and they are safe too.

Why Is Bike Safety Important?

Bike safety is essential because although bike riding is fun, accidents can happen. Injuries riding a bike are common and kids to adults have to make emergency room trips due to bike injuries. To ensure no severe injuries happen, you should always take precautions and be cautious while riding.

Riding smart and staying healthy: Injury prevention and safety tips 

Ensure you perform a gear check

Biking is fun but what if you are riding a cycle and it gets a deflated tyre, will you like it? No! There are so many such problems that can happen while you are riding a cycle. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep performing regular bike checkups to ensure the tyres have air, the bikes function properly and the handlebars do not get damaged. It is necessary that you perform a routine checkup to ensure everything is fine when you are on the road riding.

Get the right fit

Are you going on a bike ride with children? Then, one of the most important safety tips is to ensure the kids have the right-sized bicycle. When the kids grow up, you have to buy them new bikes because if their feet are not touching the ground, there can be issues with them riding well. To see if the bicycle is the best fit for them, you should have at least a one to three-inch gap between the top bar of the bicycle and the child. If that happens, the fit is right. When the fit is right, your kid will automatically feel safer riding the bike.

Wear helmet always

It is necessary that you wear a helmet all the time regardless of whether you are riding for a short distance or a long one. Ensure the helmet fits properly, it should not rock more than an inch on the kid’s face from side to side. Ensure you wear a properly-fitted helmet as it is an effective way to prevent head injuries which can result in a crash.

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Riding in the broad daylight means exposing yourself to the sun. Therefore, you have to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. That means, using a lot of sunscreen, the sun protection should be SPF 30 or even higher. You should always carry a sunscreen stick to reapply for better protection. Also, wear cycling gloves, long sleeves and sunglasses and even a hat to ensure you are protecting your skill from the sun.

Obey all traffic laws

This tip is for all, but especially for teens riding their bikes for commute purposes.

● Obey traffic lights and ensure you take a pause at the stop sign.

● Be smart while riding, and never ride against the traffic. Follow the same direction as other vehicles.

● Teens should not ride at dusk or when it is dark.

● Never stand up while riding a bike.

● Be observant of the traffic to ensure you know where it is coming from.

● Never let anyone else ride on the seat with you or on the handlebar. If the cycle can accommodate only one person, you have to follow that rule.

● Do not wear headphones while riding a bicycle. You should be aware of what is happening on the road.

● Never use your phone while riding a bicycle.

Double check your brakes

Before you start riding the bike on the road, ensure you double-check that the brakes are working properly. Ensure the brake pads on the cycle rub against the disc rotor on the wheels. If you feel there is an issue with the brakes, adjust them or get them checked out by a professional.

Use your hands.

It is important for a cycle rider to use their hands especially when you are sharing the road with car drivers and more. Use the hand signals to let them know when you will be stopping or turning. For instance, if you want to turn right, raise the left arm towards the side while bending upwards at the elbow.

Riding=Right and Passing=Left

It is an essential tip if you are riding with more people. Ensure you ride on the right side of the road. Moreover, leave a gap for faster riders so that they can pass by you. Lastly, ensure you do not pass on the right side unless you know there is enough room and the rider riding in front of you knows you are coming.

Be aware while riding

Whether you are riding in a group or solo, ensure you are aware of what you are going to do. Moreover, if you are riding in a group, you need to ensure you are responsible and over careful. Why? Because groups usually take the entire side of the road. Thus, there is usually no room between rides. Therefore, you have to keep your hands near or on the brakes. It ensures you react

quickly if things go sideways and you have better control of everything.

Make yourself visible on the road

As you ride the cycle, you should make yourself visible on the road to ensure there are less chances of injuries. Therefore, you should wear brightly coloured clothes which make people notice you. Moreover, fit lights to the bike’s back and front to ensure riding in any condition is not problematic.

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Riding a bicycle gives you freedom and a chance to socialize. Moreover, cycling has benefits for people of every age. From kids to adults to seniors, riding a bicycle is ideal for everyone, and it can help them stay fit. It is also a better commute option for all. But to ensure that riding a bicycle does not injure anyone, following these safety precautions will help. When you are smart about riding safely, your health and your bike will both be top-notch.

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