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Buy eclectic bicycles online at Havit Cycles

  An electric cycle, or e-bike, is a cycle equipped with an electric motor. It assists riders when they are pedaling by giving them additional momentum. The concept of an e-bike is that it is a battery source. E-bikes have multiple sub-categories like pedal, throttle, mid-drive motor, and read-hub motor-driven. In today’s world, the best e-bikes have lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable, durable, and can deliver higher amounts of power. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable bike option for everyone. Explore  multiple e-bike ranges at Havit Cycle to make an informed choice.  

Leader E-Power L6 27.5T Electric Cycle

It is an e-bicycle with a portable battery, a high-torque motor, an alloy stem handle, a strong Tig-Welded steel frame, and more features. It comes with an LED display and, for security, a key lock switch. It also has dual disc brakes and a quick-release mega hub, an effortless braking system. It is a unisex e-bike ideal for rough terrain. FAQs

Are electric bikes heavier?

They are usually heavier than a regular bike. It weighs somewhere between 30 and 35 pounds. However, an electric bike of the same model can weigh between 45 and 50 pounds. Yet, you will not notice the weight unless you have to lift them.

Are e-bikes easier to ride?

Certainly, e-bikes weigh more, but they are built such that riding them adds less stress to your body.

Does an electric bicycle provide a good form of workout?

Yes, you still need to pedal e-bikes. So they can be part of your workout routine.