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Mens bicycle  

Buy Men’s Cycle Online at Havit Cycles

  Explore the multiple bicycle range for bicycle for men at Havit Cycle   Before you start going through all the bicycles for men, understand the different options to make an informed choice.  

Mountain Bikes for Men

  Mountain bikes are preferred by cyclists riding bicycles off-road or on unpaved roads like deserts, rocks, or mountains. Men’s mountain bikes are rugged or durable, perfect for riding narrow dirt trails. They have flat and wide handlebars for better control. It has hydraulic disc brakes to handle steep descents and climbs. These bikes have stronger frames and rear and front suspensions for better off-road performance. Most modern mountain e-bikes have 29-inch wheels, while a few models have 27.5-inch wheels.  

Electric bicycle for Men

  Electric bikes are becoming popular currently. The e in e-bikes means a small electric motor, assisting in the rider’s pedaling efforts. Men prefer electric bikes as they help them tackle technical off-road or steep terrain better. Or glide through the road without too much effort or sweat. Electric cycles have three classes: class 1: pedal assist to 20 mph; class 2: throttle driven to 20 mph; and class 3: pedal assist to 28 mpg. Leader E-Power L6 27.5T Electric Cycle is the best-selling and highest-performing e-bike at Havit Cycles.  

Road bikes for men

  Need more speed? Then, buy road bikes that have narrow tires that travel far and fast on smoother surfaces. Road bikes thrust you forward with each pedal stroke you make. Lightweight and fully geared, it can adapt to any decline or incline. Keysto LYT is one of the best road bikes for men at Havit Cycles.  

Hybrid cycles for men

  Hybrid cycles are exactly what the name implies. It is a mixture of mountain, road, and touring bikes. The result is a bike suitable for riding over all types of terrain, thus being preferred for general riding.


  How do I choose the best cycle for men?   It is confusing and tricky to pick the best cycle for yourself. To pick the right one, you should consider these:
  • The type of riding you will do, For instance, if you prefer riding in the mountains, a mountain bike is ideal for you.
  • The frequency of your riding
  • Your age
  • Your budget
  • The features you are looking for in your cycle
  • The size of the bicycle you need

What are some of the best cycles at Havit Cycles?

  Every cycle at Havit Cycles is unique, with modern features. However, some of the best ones are:
●      AVIA 29-inch gear MTB bicycle
●      Dodge Ace DX 24 SS
●      VSTAR KICK 26” IBC
●      Havit 29-inch gear MTB bicycle
●      Sunpeed Zero Aluminum Mountain Bike MTB Cycles

What is the difference between the men's cycle and the women’s cycle?

  The biggest difference between women’s and men’s bicycles is their frame size. Cycles for men have bigger frames than women’s. Moreover, women’s bikes usually have shorter top tubes, making it easier for riders to dismount or mount the bike.  

What is the price range of men's cycles at Havit Cycles?

  The men's cycle price ranges from 9,000 to 30,000 INR.  

How do I find the right size cycle for men?

  The right size will depend on your age, height, weight, and body type. Use the size chart on the website to find the right fit for you.