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Buy kids cycle online at Havit Cycles

  Havit Cycles offers exceptional kids' bicycles online. They offer the best features and come in multiple colors. Rest assured, the colors are done using non-toxic paints and a full chainguard, offering kids an extra layer of protection. Havit Cycle provides the best size of the cycle for kids, with a simple clip to adjust the cycle for the growing kid. Explore the multiple choices of kids' cycles to make an informed choice at Havit Cycle.  

Schnell Nico

  Looking for a cycle for 7-year-olds? Schnell Nico is a fun, playful, and cute pink bike. This bicycle for kids comes with detachable training wheels. It comes in two frames: 16 inches and 20 inches. It comes with a pretty basket. The bike is ideal for all girls in love with pink and anime.  


  A perfect bicycle for a boy aged between 6-7 years. It has a 20-inch frame. It has a steel frame without suspension and power brakes. It is a sturdy bike in jet black with orange stripes, which looks incredible. It has an imported bushless chain, making it safe for young boys to ride.  

Schnell Jee

  Schnell Jee is a colorful and super-fun bicycle for children with a 16-inch frame. It again comes with detachable training wheels ideal for your little rider. Check Havit Cycles to buy it in attractive colors.  



How do you differentiate between girls and boys on bikes?

  The major difference between a boy's and a girl's bike is the top tube. In boys' bikes, the top tube is straight, while in girls' bikes, it is U-shape.  

Can I get a pedal bike for a 3-year-old?

  Buying a bicycle for a 3-year-old will depend on their height and weight. A 3-year-old can pedal a 12-inch bike with training wheels. However, if the child is heavier or taller, you can get them a 16-inch bike with training wheels.  

What is the average price point for kids' cycles?

  Kids' bike prices at Havit Cycle start at INR 5000 and go up to INR 8000. So, the average price point is $5,000.  

What is the right age for a child to cycle without training wheels?

  Between the ages of 4 and 8, your child will develop agility, balance, and a sense of balance to start cycling a bike without training wheels.  

What are the best cycles for boys?

  Here are the best cycles for boys at Havit Cycles: Leader Boomer 20T, Leader Buddy 20T Kids Cycle, PLUTUS PULSAR 20” ORANGE, and more.