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Buy single-speed bicycles online at Havit cycles.

  A non-geared or single-speed cycle does not have any gear. It only has a single-gear ratio. Single-speed settings are usually found on kids' bikes, a few mountain bikes, and town bikes. The benefit of having a single-speed bike is that it is easy to maintain and understand and is reliable. It also means the rider has a bike that is durable and can go a long distance. Havit Cycles has a wide range of single-speed bicycles for you to choose from. Explore multiple single-speed cycle choices at Havit Cycles to make an informed choice.  

Dodge Ace DX 24 SS

  For long journeys, the Dodge Ace DX 24” SS bike is perfect. It is both a men's bike and a women’s bicycle. It has high-tensile stainless steel, making it comfortable and durable.  

Keysto KS 000

  One of the best bikes for men with a frame size of 24*13 or 26*15. It is ideal for rugged terrain and is a high-performing bike. It is also a budget cycle for men under 10,000.  

Leader Fusion 26T Single-Speed Cycle

  An incredible bicycle with a super-strong TIG-welded steel frame. It comes with a protective chain guard and power brake, providing an effortless braking system. It is a unisex cycle under 10,000.   FAQs  

Why should you buy single-speed bicycles?

  You should go for single-speed bicycles because they have a one-gear ratio with a free wheel. It permits the user to pedal, stop, or pause pedaling at any given point. It comes in handy when you go downhill or feel like resting and moving on flat ground. It is quite safe for beginners and kids.  

Is a single-speed bike ideal for exercise?

  Yes, since you can control the pedals, you can decide how fast or slow you want to go. So, if you are looking to burn calories, it is a great buy and helps you stay fit.  

What is the price range for single-speed bicycles?

  At Havit Cycles, the price range for single-speed bicycles for kids is between 6000 and 8,000 INR. For adult cycles, the price can range anywhere from 11k to 20k.