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Buy tricycles for kids online at Havit Cycle

A tricycle is a kids bicycle with three wheels. There are two wheels at the back and one wheel at the front. When your kid turns two or three, it is the right time to introduce these colorful three-wheel wonders. They have multiple benefits for the kids as they learn to explore their environment. It also helps the toddler build the necessary coordination and motor skills. Explore multiple tricycle ranges at Havit Cycle to make an informed choice    

Vini Tricycles Ninzzaa Parent Handle

  It is a light-weight cycle weighing only 5 kg. It is ideal for toddlers to begin their cycling journey. This kids bicycle is available in multiple colors and comes with three-padded wheels.  

Vini Tricycle Sparx Protection

  The unique USP of this tricycle is that it comes with a kids entertainment system. So, toddlers can ride the cycle while listening to rhymes. It is available in multiple colors: blue for boys and pink for girls.   FAQs  

Are tricycles safe for use?

  Tricycles are usually safe for all toddlers. However, parents should supervise the children as they ride and buy the correct size. Moreover, follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer regarding weight and age limits. To provide extra security, ensure the kids wear helmets for protection against head injuries.

What is the appropriate age for a kid to start riding a tricycle?

A tricycle is the best cycle for kids aged between 2 and 3. At this age, they can start riding the tricycle. Moreover, a few children may start early or late, depending on their development. Buy tricycles only after proper research and according to the age, weight, and height of the kid.

How do I assemble a tricycle?

Every tricycle you buy from Havit Cycles comes with a manual. Follow the instructions to easily assemble the cycle. In a nutshell, assembly involves attaching pedals, wheels, and handlebars to the frame.