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Buy multi-speed bicycles online at Havit Cycles.

  Multi-speed bicycles, as the name suggests, have more than one gear setting. Most multi-speed bicycles have three gear settings. However, some brands do have 27-gear settings. The benefit of buying a multi-speed bicycle is the ability to decrease or increase pedaling efforts when cycling through hills, deserts, extra cargo on the cycle, and more. Havit Cycles has multiple multi-speed cycles for cycling enthusiasts looking for cycles in this category. Explore the multi-speed range at Havit Cycle to make an informed choice.  

AVIA 29 Inch Gear MTB bicycle

Avia Cycle, part of Havit Cycles, is a perfect mountain bike for both men and women. The frame is 17 inches long and uses alloy steel. It is ideal for boys over 12 years old. It is available in five colors: black/green, black/orange, gray/orange, black/silver, and red/black.  

Havit 29 Inch Gear MTB bicycle

  It is a 17-inch frame unisex mountain bike that is ideal for 12+ year-old users. It has the best-quality nylon tire and a mechanical suspension. It comes in five color options and is under 20,000.  

Leader Platinum 27.5T 21 Speed cycle

  It is an incredible mountain bicycle for men. The Leader Platinum bike has dual disc brakes and front suspension. It has wide tires (27.5 x 2.40). It also has a high-grip handlebar for ensuring a comfortable riding position. It also has a multiple-gear system for effortless gear shifting.  



How many gears or speeds can a multi-speed cycle have?

  The minimum gear or speed it can have is 3 (3-gear cycle). There is no maximum number; a few brands have 21-gear, and others have 27-gear.  

Why do bikes have multiple speeds?

  Bikes have multiple gears so that the rider can select the gearing from low to high. It allows the rider to have a comfortable cadence. It means no spinning out at higher speeds or being bogged down when the rider is climbing a steep hill because of high gear.  

What is the price range of multi-speed bicycles at Havit Cycles?

  The price range is from 20,000 INR to 35,000 INR. There is a site-wide sale on Havit cycles, so you can grab a cycle for men under 10,000.