Factors to Consider for Buying Kid’s Cycle

Factors to Consider for Buying Kid's Cycle

When you have committed yourself to the kid’s cycle buying process, there are no avoiding factors to consider. The best cycle store in Jaipur will willingly make buying kids’ bicycles a fun experience. There’s the excitement of stepping out into a new realm with your child. Simultaneously, you might feel nagged by doubt as to whether you are being missold. If you wish to make the best choice for your child, you would do well to heed the words of advice.

Are training wheels necessary? 

Stabilizers or training wheels do not teach a child how to balance a bicycle. They do have a role in stability. Truth be told, keeping the balance is even more important than pedaling.

When you take away the training wheels, you are compelled to return to the first stage of riding, teaching the child how best to balance. All the more reason why you ought to begin with a balance bike.

How the training wheels balance the bike also instructs your child how to corner. This will have to be relevant.

When do you get the right size? 

There are more differences among children concerning height. Age is easier to determine. When you observe your child ride the bicycle, you will understand if they have outgrown it. In case their elbows and knees are sticking out, they are trying to shrink themselves to better fit with the bicycle. With the saddle or handlebars, you can make the required adjustments. When there’s no further scope for such adjustments, you simply have to buy a kids’ bicycle at the best cycle store in Jaipur.

You are looking for the following: when their pedal is at the six o’clock position, the child’s leg should be fully extended. The seat height is too insignificant if the child must push their foot out to the side. Likewise, the elbow ought to show a minor bend when your child is grasping the bars.

“They will grow into it” is a fallacy 

When you were a child, you at some point had a bicycle to grow into. That’s why the older generation repeats “It never did do me any harm.” However, this is not a scientific way to buy a bicycle. You risk the child becoming jaded with the bicycle and with cycling as a whole.

When the bicycle is too heavy for the child they will have trouble controlling it. The bars would be out of reach, too. The grip on the bars would be very unscientific, and risky.

When the child faces the stretch issue, this will impact how they reach for the brakes. Whether or not they will be able to pull the brakes would become a problem. Such problems are dangerous. With passing time the child will grow cold to the bicycle and cycling.

Kids cycle buying process: a BMX? 

Naturally, you wish to optimize your investment. Buying from the best cycle store in Jaipur is the right thing to do.  

BMX or smaller models of MTB are good enough if the child wants to cycle around the park in the evenings. However, a BMX is the wrong choice for school. You have to prioritize.

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Kids cycle buying process: specs of components on the kid’s bicycle 

The best components as per your ability to afford. Your child deserves the best for his safety. The better the specifications of a bicycle, the lighter it will be. Lighter bicycles are the best. The child will have his full hold on the bicycle’s manoeuvrability.

We want responsive brakes. You can leave your child alone, then, with their precious bicycle.

Gears ought to be easy to change. When the gears are easy to handle and manage, the child uses them frequently. Then, he begins to have a handle on cycling,  thus beginning a lifelong passion.

If the gears are so tough the child cannot use them, you have been mis-sold. You need intuitive gears.

Even if the bicycle turns out to be expensive, it is money well spent. The child will be able to use it till he is well into mature teenagehood.


The best cycle store in Jaipur will sell you the kids’ bicycle that fulfills all the requirements. Even if the bicycle is on the expensive side, the investment is worth the safety. And what’s more, you could re-sale the same for half price. That’s the kind of quality we are talking about. The bicycle will possibly last till the child is into mature teenagehood. Take cognizance of the fact that there might be differences between girls’ and boys’ models. The lighter a bicycle is, the safer it turns out to be. You will be looking for a bicycle that fits the form of the child like a glove. Saddle adjustment will also help, to a point. The child’s age and height are important when going for a bicycle, but the height is more so.

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